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Two Birds, One Rocket.

Shape is a visual phenomenon and can be confirmed by visual observation. In fact being relatively far away from an object is the best way to confirm its shape. Your orb of vision must be able to observe the entire face of what you are observing to identify the shape.

This is especially true with something like the Earth itself, something so large you could not see the fullness of it while standing in its surface.

While you don’t need NASA specifically to prove the shape of the earth, you do need an agent of humanity to get far enough away from the Earth’s surface to view the entirety of the earth to KNOW its shape and relative size.

The Apollo moon landing confirmed the moons solidity AND it confirmed the Earths shape, two different qualities about two separate objects that could not be proven due to lack of substantial evidence from the surface of the Earth where we are all born and live. We know the Earth is solid because we are standing on it, we know the moon is round because we can see it.

Until the Apollo mission there was no CONFIRMATION, only opinion, of the moons physical properties and the shape of the Earth.

The moon landing was an experiment to prove two separate hypothesis about two separate objects.

I wonder, if the Hypothesis where proven to be wrong, would NASA/Natzi scientist have been honest about their findings ? Or would they have created a way to continue financially profiting off of the space missions? Cue

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Arlandra Upton
Arlandra Upton
04. Apr. 2023

You may not like science But you don't see faith healers in hospitals do you. Sure you'll pray to your Lord, but it's on to the Doctor, to get you some science....

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