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Why I don't trust (S)cience

Let me be clear, this is a click bait title for sure, but I tried to really communicate my feelings on the matter even in the way I spelled the word science. For starters imo there is a difference between science, and Science. The capitol S version of the word is the way it is most often used. As a noun, and a proper one at that. Science is treated as an entity.. A person whom we must align our thinking with if we want to be political correct.

One could say the sky is falling and another could reply "Thats not what Science says!" almost as if Science called them on their cell phone and amended their understanding... strange. I think this is where the Science gets its authority from. Our basic usage/ understanding of the word. This guides how we allow the spell to affect us when it used in communication with us.

I think science is better understood as a verb, something that we can apply to something else, or task we can complete. If we really consider the fact that the word science truly refers to the "scientific method" we become enlightened. What the word refers to is a process by which we examine physical reality. What it isn't is a reservoir of absolute truths to compare your investigations to. It isn't a ruler to be lined up against your perception with the intent of measurement, science IS measurement. In the same way that we measure an object, we can science an object as well! Using the mental processes that comes with science to gain better understanding of the subject at hand.

This brings me back to the title of the post. "Why I don't trust Science" Everyone arounds me sees or hears this word and they think of a being composed of humans who tell us what is reasonable to think about the world we live in. Even if what they say goes against your own personal way of thinking. This in itself wouldn't be problem if it wasn't for "scientist"

Scientist are individuals elevated above the level of civillian, who represent what ever ideas other scientist have agreed counts as valid science. Scientist and accepted scientific knowledge are regulated by the scientific community itself. Peer reviews of studies are the standard for elevating an idea or individual in the scientific community. If you are accepted by the higher, more prominent scientist then you are in the club. The community is regulated by itself, sitting outside of the reach of the everyday person yet still controlling the lives of those very people. This is a huge over site in a community that exists purely to regulate and document human understanding.

It would only take a single immoral scientist to rise to the top of the community and they would corrupt the system forever! Let's suppose a liar made his way to the height of scientific notoriety. This man is hailed for a theory that moved the community closer to the "truth". How can we be sure that we are being led to the truth? Is it because of the person professing the "truth". What if they think they know the truth but really are wrong by a few degrees of information? We trust that credible people will remain honest and moral. We trust that they wont "lie" to us but people can tell a lie and think they are telling the truth. This begs the question, what is a lie?

A lie is anything that is not true in physical reality. If it did not actually physically happen it is a lie. Fiction books are lies, movies are lies. Some would suggest that these examples are strictly for entertainment and while I agree that doesn't change the fact that they are not true. Any story that is told with out 100% accuracy is technically a lie. By that definition even if you misspell a word you are technically lying as well. It counts in a spelling bee, so there is obviously a standard that just isn't being considered in everyday interactions. This brings me back to Science, but truthfully it brings me to math. Math is one of the greatest tools of deception known to man. Math in its many forms can be used to confuse the truth and blur the line between fact and fiction. Numbers are often used to make "projections" and more often than not, those projections do not line up with the actual collected data.

This is so often the case that we don't even use projections for accuracy anymore. If we make a projection and it swings in the general direction of ones hypothesis then it is generally considered factual. Science cast wide nets to collect data and uses averages to identify trends which support a particular projection. Based on averages we build our reality of things we have not ourselves verified.

So in the end does it make the projection a lie? Most would argue no, because it got close to the reality of the situation that the difference is "negligible". Does it make the projection the truth? Maybe, if you are willing to stretch the facts a little...

In this way, lies can be accepted as the truth and incomplete truths can be attacked as lies... and this a staple in the math and science community I might add. What this mindset does is removes the power from factual truth, and put it in the hands of the perception of presenter. God help us if the presenter is theatrical and can move us emotionally... Our perception becomes tied to how well they act like the lie is the truth.

So now, we will believe a man we have never met because he is in a white lab coat on tv. Not because the accuracy of his predictions but by the accolades he has earned in relation to his career. Accolades awarded by the very community he seeks to impress. Do we not see the problem here? Scientist have been guessing and coming up short for years. This is a fact. But a scientist (or astrophysicist) who can wow the world with imagination and presentation are rewarded with our praise and attention. So much so that we not only elevate them in the minds of others but that we ourselves submit to their way of thinking.

I really don't like Science.

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