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Thats My Cue

A parallel man running towards The Lord

I wanted to share a little more about myself and be a bit candid here. I am a christian, an artist and a father. I want everything that I do to be to those ends.

I love creating content  i especially enjoy projects that allow me to use multiple mediums. My goal is to create a life where I use my creative talents to both take care of my family and please my God. That is my vision for The Parallel Society, creating a space where my love for God, conspiracy and art can come together.


Sharing The Gospel

As a child I received a prophecy from a very anointed woman of God. She told me that I was going to be a preacher, imagine that.. I can't recall exactly how old I was but what ever age I was, I felt that I wasn't ready to hear that information. That was one of the most scariest evenings of my life and they day I decided I was going to ignore my creator in favor of my personal will. 


Over a decade later and after many scrapes and bruises I find myself fulfilling prophecy through music and entertainment.  Regardless of my personal choices I have always had a passion for both YHWH and Jesus and they have never abandoned me. Allowing me to survive through my foolishness with minimal damage and a high level of understanding.

Music has always been a love of mine, I have been recording for many years. It is only recently that I have begun writing lyrics that I think my creator would be proud of. I don't know how much time I have left here on this earth but I don't want it to be said that I did nothing great for my Creator. I am proud to be a Gospel artist and to use all of my talents and resources to push my Fathers agenda.

Come Discuss With Us

Anyone who nows me knows I enjoy a good debate. I should include the word healthy in the description, because not all conversation are healthy or productive. I am one who not only believes that detail could change but also that it should change. It is my goal to do so with this debate community.

"By MERCY and TRUTH inequity is purged, 

And by fear of The LORD men depart from evil."

Thanks for stopping by, I can't wait to talk with you.


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