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Light in the Dark in the Light

It’s been an interesting discussion talking about why God created evil. I find that even after pointing it out in scripture, a lot of Christians still deny.

I don’t think people want to believe God can have purpose for the issues we have endured. Of course God isn’t choosing these particular events to happen to us, but why does he allow it?

I know that he created all things, even the wicked for the day of evil. So there is day when evil will be destroyed. That is it’s purpose.

He allowed evil in this world to destroy it.

Honestly, destruction is an oversimplification. Depart from me, I never knew you.. Jesus is essential removing these spirits from creation. Past present and future. They will have never existed in reality.

That is hell. Eternal separation from Jesus, reality, life, light, love, power anything good.

Evil is the shadow of good. The darkness at the edge of the infinite light. God created this place to allow darkness to be transformed. And what remains, gets separated.

This was a post I wrote on facebook recently. Ive been discussing the creation and purpose of evil. I know that evil exist in creation and is doomed for eternal separation but as I think more about it I realize there is another purpose for evil.

That reason is purification.

The Bible says, Through mercy and truth, men depart from evil. We are created in sin and there for MUST depart from it. God allowed evil here so that through us he can clean it up.

If you ask me, thats a pretty fair price for an infinite life and glorified body.

What do you think?

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