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Territory Expansion

I created the Parallel Society in 2017, at the height of my conspiracy fetish. I had stopped believing in the globe maybe a year or two before then and i was knee deep in discovering the secrets of reality. At the time I had no idea what I was doing, I really just wanted to talk to people about their views and have them try to change my mind. Or me change theirs of course. At it's inception it was called "Paralleled Society (DMV Chapter)" my personal conspiracy group based in the Washington DC tristate area. To be perfectly honest I don't think I really did much with it at first. I probably invited some friends, shared some videos and left it alone. Then pandemic hit, even though I was working at the time, there is rarely someone in any community that shares the passion for conspiracies, and especially discussions about cosmology. I found myself looking to connect with like minded people whom I could have an honest discussion about my beliefs with. So June 2020 came and I checked back in with my old group, I changed the name to

"The Parallel Society" and I haven't looked back. I think around that time I had maybe 50-80 members in the group, none of which where active. Since then we have grown to 384 members to date, and we have a small community of active members constantly having conversations, questioning ideas, and searching for the truth.

I am quite the character and I came across I began to get to know some very opinionated people and forged some valuable friendships. We all got to know each others ideas and personalities. We grew into a community and then we became a family. Today marks the next pivotal moment in the history of The Parallel Society! We are preparing to launch our official website complete with a new line of merch. Now you can show your conspiracy spirit in style with a Parallel Society Tee shirts, and Hoodies. Im looking forward to grabbing my own soon! We are looking forward to more growth in 2022, new members, fresh conversations and lots of great debates! I hope to see you in the discussion! Cue Keeno

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